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10 Styling Tips for Kids


Dressing up your kids can be challenging, as they also want to follow trends like their parents. Picking out clothing for your kids to wear can be a process, as it does not matter their age, even from a toddler stage they tend to start choosing what they want to wear. 

There was a time when most fashion brands and companies only focused on adults, but that has changed over the years. Dressing your child in the latest fashion and trends has also now become part of our everyday life. This involves formal and casual dressing for both girls and boys. 

While dressing your child there are some tips we can suggest to each parent to keep in mind.

  • 1. Always choose comfort over style
  • Never compromise the comfort of your little one when it comes to the latest trends. Remember that all kids are active and need their clothing to suit that lifestyle. If they want to jump, run or play, they must have the freedom to move without worrying about clothing ripping or holding them back because it's too tight. 

  • 2. Be bold with colors
  • Always dare to play with color. There is no such thing as colors per gender anymore. Let them choose funky and bright colors to wear - after all they are kids, and have the right to stand out and shine.

  • 3. Don't be afraid to add accessories
  • As Adults we like to add some accessories to our outfits. So do the little ones, add a pair of sunglasses or a scarf to their outfit. Allow them to wear a nice hat or a bracelet, you can even add a cute little head band. Accessories are always a nice touch to add charm and glow to any style.

  • 4. Make sure you choose the right size
  • Making sure you have the right size for your little one can be confusing. But you must always keep in mind that little ones grow very fast, and they need room for growth. Our suggestion is to always take one size bigger to make sure your little one is comfortable and they have the room they need to grow and be happy.


  • 5. Different clothing for different seasons
  • Never over dress in the summer, or under dress in the winter. Always make sure your little one is dressed according to the season. 


  • 6. Dress for the Occasion
  • Before selecting your kids outfit, consider which event/occasion they are dressing for. Example dressing formally for a playdate might not be the best solution as the outfit will not look the same afterwards. Make sure your little one is comfortable with what they are wearing.


  • 7. Avoid dressing up in grownup fashions
  • There is no doubt that your little one wants to dress up and look like you. But some styles are just not meant for kids. Try not to dress them up to make them look a bit older for their age. We do not want them to grow up too fast.


  • 8. Look at the latest trends
  • If you want your little one to be the center of attention at a party then make sure you are up to date with the cutest trends.


  • 9. Choose a style that lasts
  • We are all aware that fashion trends come and go. So to save a bit of money and to make their clothes last a bit longer, go with a style that lasts. For example, a pair of jeans and a funky shirt is always a hit.


  • 10. Match their personalities
  • Always make sure that the clothing you buy matches your little one's personality. As their clothing should always reflect their character so that they can wear it with confidence.


    Wearing clothing that is stylish and trendy is everyone's desire, no matter their age. With these tips you can be sure to dress your little one according to season, event and their personality. 

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    Author: Melissa Minnie

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