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10 minutes with Claudette Barnard Breytenbach - Founder of Tiny Crew

Tiny Crew founded by Claudette Barnard Breytenbach, is an online store in South Africa where you can find the most unique and stunning imported baby clothing. 
Hand-picked and quality checked by Tiny Crew, ensures that all customers get the highest quality clothing, unique and only the best. You will not find these in any retail store locally. 

We took a few minutes to have a chat with Founder - Claudette Barnard Breytenbach, to find out more about her inspiration to open Tiny Crew:

What inspired you to start Tiny Crew?

In December 2019 I left my office where I worked as a Social Worker to go on maternity. The plan was to return in April 2020.  Later that month my little boy was born and my heart changed forever. I didn’t know that love like this could ever exist. 

The plan I had to return to work after maternity leave quickly changed. I couldn’t see myself spending one day without my son. I really struggled with the idea that I would need to leave him with someone else and the paranoia around the Covid 19 pandemic worsened the scenario. We prayed about the matter and within God’s will it worked out that I could look after my little one for a little longer. 

During the first few months of my little one's life I really struggled to find affordable but cute and stylish baby boy clothing items online. Most of the items that were available were extremely expensive or had a lead time of 21 days or more. The boy’s section in the retail stores were also limited with only a few items to choose from. I found it extremely frustrating and couldn’t understand why baby boy clothing is so limited and the lead times so long. If I want something I want it now.

This was my aha moment and I decided I want to change this for other moms. My plan was:

  • Cute and stylish baby clothing for baby boys and girls
  • Affordable as possible within our country current financial situation
  • Quick quick quick delivery!!!
  • Good communication with clients
  • A personal touch 

After a lot of praying, research and saving some money TinyCrew was born in July 2021.

When you choose your clothing selection to place on your online store, are there certain categories or styles you look at?
I really try to cater for all styles and to listen to the needs of moms and to incorporate those products in our range. We also try to cater for all the special celebrations in South Africa.

What makes Tiny Crew stand out from your normal retailers selling baby clothing?
All our items are in stock and orders are usually sent out the next business day. Who doesn’t like stylish and cute baby items quickly delivered to your doorstep?

Are you planning on bringing in some new and exciting products for 2023?
We have some exciting surprises for 2023 including some matching sibling outfits! 

We really try to keep up with the trends and to stock items that all moms love. Let us know if you have some recommendations -

If you could give advice on choosing the right outfit for your little one, what would that be?
To dress your little one in clothes that are both easy to dress/undress but yet stylish ;-). Practical does not need to be boring.

Tiny Crew’s collection of clothing is unique and stylish. Allowing every mommy out there to dress their little one for any occasion.

View our amazing range of baby clothing on our online store –

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